Wokingham Borough Council Pupil Referral Unit

SCS have successfully carried out a security upgrade to the Pupil Referral Unit in Wokingham, Berkshire.

The site has had a total of seven Samsung Anti-vandal Dome Cameras mounted high around the building providing perimeter coverage. All cameras are linked to a Samsung Digital Recorder (DVR) which allows for continuous recording and can be viewed remotely if required.

The previously open Entrance to the Site has now been secured with a Cantilever Sliding Gate.

The specification of a cantilever design allowed the issue of the ground slope falling away to be addressed. A conventional gate on wheels rolling on a fixed track would not have worked at this location.

As specified, existing trees & foliage were removed and the fence extended to full height before keying into the new Gate Location.

The Gate was metal framed but lined with timber to replicate the fence look. In addition a separate pedestrian Gate was installed to allow for a secure but sage passage for visitors/staff on foot.

Units 4/5, Redlake Lane (off Easthampstead Rd), Wokingham, Berkshire, RG40 3BF
Telephone: 0118 978 3381 . Email us here >