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In recent years, there has been more awareness around the inherent dangers of a moving automated gate and the need for stringent & reliable gate safety. However, sadly many gate installations still fall far short of the required safety standards.

An automated gate is legally categorised as a “machine”, as a result it is subject to the rules and legislation that governs safety requirements for machinery.

Property owners, managing agents and the last Engineer to work on the Gate are all deemed as legally responsible should an accident occur. Therefore it is important to ensure that a Gate system complies with the current safety standards.

When installing a new system, SCS Automation have a strong focus on safety by design, in which we look to eliminate potential hazards during the design process.

With regards to systems installed by others, all SCS Automation Engineers are DHF approved and have successfully completed the Gate Safety Diploma Training Course.

We will advise on what additional protective safety measures can be implemented to ensure that Gates are compliant with the current Heath & Safety requirements.

All our engineers carry Force Testers and we can provide certification to confirm Gates are operating within the legal Force levels allowed.

SCS Automation will carry out full Risk Assessments of gates for all customers concerned about their current gates.

For more information on gate safety and the DHF please do not hesitate to contact us.

If you would like a free survey or would like to discuss SCS Automation taking over your existing system for maintenance please telephone 0118 978 3381 or email: