Automated Number Plate Recognition

CCTV recognition of Vehicle number plates sometimes also known as “Vehicle Recognition Systems” is a growing solution within a wide range of applications.

Coverage Areas

  • Berkshire
  • Middlesex
  • Surrey
  • Hampshire
  • Buckinghamshire
  • Oxfordshire
  • London

ANPR Solutions Offered by SCS

SCS provide a range of ANPR solutions for;-

  • Controlled Access to secure sites
  • Deterrent for unauthorised access
  • Car Park Management
  • Parking Automation
  • Parking Security
  • Ticketless Parking
  • Weighbridges
  • Bus Lane Enforcement
  • Tolls
  • Retail Park Security

Our in-house metal fabrications workshop allows us to custom design bespoke solutions to house ANPR cameras. This can range from columns to architectural posts designed for secure performance at a low height level.

As an NSI Gold Installer and maintainer of CCTV, our expert team can provide you with a high quality solution to suit any requirements.

We provide full consultation and free no-obligation quotes.

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