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Smart Homes and Security

Tuesday, February 26, 2019

Yes, the time has come that after 32 years of trading we have decided to join the Blogging Brigade; so here it is - the ‘The Very First Blog from Security Control Systems’!

So let’s put this out there – our blogs will not be statements of the obvious, such as ‘here’s a CCTV system we installed’; (we rather assume you know that’s what we do), but rather a look at some of the trends that will affect our customers, those needing security in one form or another. We’ve considered our experience in the residential and commercial sectors, plus the feedback from our varied client base and will endeavour to put forward thoughts from the viewpoint of our customers.

To give you a taster of what’s in store, here are some of the topics that our blog series will cover over the course of 2019:

  1. CCTV and AI – camera analytics, AI and facial recognition are here to stay, but who decides how they are used, and how does that impact our personal data?
  2. 4G Technology – can 4G technology provide quicker deployment of security systems?
  3. Grading of CCTV systems – will the planned grading of CCTV systems have the same beneficial effects of the graded intruder alarm systems?
  4. Green Security – can the security industry embrace green technology, a less ‘throw away’ approach to upgrading systems and more efficient power options?

In this first Blog, let’s consider the buzz words of ‘Smart Homes and Security’. We are now just as likely to see adverts on TV these days for smart doorbells, smart assistance and smart meters as you will for Betting sites (make of that what you wish), and if you take a look around your own home, your friends’ homes and the street you live in, you’ll see many Alexa’s and Ring Door bells, to name two brands pushing the smart home mantra.

In North America Amazon continues to push their home security system, but will it take off here, remembering we have tight NSI standards to meet?

So as a company we are evaluating some of these smart devices, including CCTV equipment, with Alexa integration. However our overriding critical concern is to favour ‘security’ over ‘smart’. The security industry can be slow on the uptake of ‘the latest thing’ and this can be a good thing. We have strict standards, and that is to keep people and their property as safe as possible. Often people we talk to, still have a reluctance to embrace integrating Smart Tech and the Internet of Things (IoT), worried that the “CIA is listening into their conversations”.

The systems that we install all offer the customer easy to use Apps.  You can for example set or unset your alarm system, it can send you a message to say the children are home from school, it can advise on which detector has been activated in the event of the alarm being triggered and so on.

At the risk of showing my age, but if like me, you are guilty occasionally in our daily hectic lives, of driving away from home for the day and then struggling to remember in your haste, if you had actually set the alarm. Well now, you don't have to drive back home or be wracked with self-doubt all day, the App will tell you the alarm status and you can set it from your phone.

In addition, by using smart plugs you can now control lighting in your home via the App by switching the lights on to appear as if you are home while you are away.  At night when setting the alarm, all associated lighting in the house can be automatically switched off. This can also apply to appliances, so when setting the alarm and leaving the house, allocated appliances could be switched off automatically like a hair dryer, iron, kettle or toaster. There are endless possibilities to integrate the alarm with other devices in the house but most importantly, it all complies with the current standards that regulate the security industry in the UK.

In conclusion, it is important to recognise the difference between intruder alarms that are first and foremost designed to protect people and property with Lifestyles options added on, compared to the Lifestyle Systems that are now bolting on security features.  As technologies and solutions continue to converge the notion of the smart home is now certainly becoming a reality for many – maybe I can now finally stop that nagging doubt of whether I set the alarm this morning when I left the house.

About the Author – Stephen Blay

With over 25 years’ experience in the electronic security industry Stephen has extensive experience in providing sales and technical support, selling to the trade and participating at key events and exhibitions. With a strong background in both the technical and sales side of the industry Stephen has a keen interest in understanding how the security industry has changed over the years as the market continues to evolve.


In 2012 Stephen pursued a desire to learn Chinese and to that end moved to Taiwan and enrolled at Providence University. After a second stint in Taiwan Stephen is now back in the UK, working for Security Control Systems, who are a Berkshire based NSI approved security installation company, highly technical with great customer service. Specialising in intruder alarms and CCTV solutions, including remotely monitored CCTV, SCS are able to tick all the electronic security boxes.


Security Control Systems offer a full range of Intruder Alarms, Access Control Systems, CCTV Systems and Automation Solutions.

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