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The form below is provided to enable you to update your alarm account details more efficiently. You will only need to complete this form if you are adding or deleting a new keyholder on your account or if you wish to change your keyholders altogether.

PLEASE NOTE: We will require all fields to be completed and a contact telephone number is required. Once we have received your form a service administrator will call you to activate these changes. You will be asked some account questions including your password so please have this to hand.

If an urgent keyholder holder change needs to be made outside of office hours then please call 0844 335 2102 where a member of staff will be pleased to help.

Hazards and site risks. Health & Safety Act. MUST BE COMPLETED BY OCCUPIER

Police officers will not normally enter the premises without the keyholder. However, this may on occasions be necessary due to suspicious circumstances. So officers may be pre-warned of site risks you are required to state any site hazards. Examples include chemicals, settlement tanks, river frontage, ammunitions, electric sub-stations, toxic materials, swimming pools, razor wire, open pits or basements. Should site circumstances change you must update our records (there is no fee for this variation).


Section 1 - Premises at which alarm system is installed
Section 2 - Nominated keyholder

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Section 3 - Nominated keyholder
Section 4 - Confirmation that you are the occupier

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